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Safety Quiz

  • 1) The best way to protect your account is to:

  • 2) If someone sends me something inappropriate, I should:

  • 3) If someone offers to sell an account on Stardoll, I should:

  • 4) Asking for another member's password is:

  • 5) One member tells me that I can buy a rare DKNY dress for 1000 Stardollars.

  • 6) My best friend on Stardoll offers me a free Superstar membership with one condition: I give her my password.

  • 7) When is it safe to give out my password?

  • 8) Which of the following is the safest password?

  • 9) I have a picture of myself and I'm chatting with a person who wants me to send it to them. Is it ok to do this?



  • 10) I talked to a member who told me her name is Kate and she said she is 12 years old. In reality, Kate: